There's a better way to RSVP

Getting all your RSVPs can be a headache — postal reply cards are inconvenient and expensive, and an online RSVP on its own just isn't enough. With RSVP Services' telephone reservation service, your guests can respond to your event by telephone or the web. And with the included outbound calling/sms feature, you can remind unconfirmed guests to RSVP.   Learn more below.


3 Tools in 1

Phone/Web RSVP System

Provide your guests with two convenient ways to RSVP. Our fully-customizable telephone system can walk your callers through a series of questions, collecting audio and key-press responses. The online RSVP system allows you to share your event details, pictures, and more.

Reminder/ Confirmation Calls and SMS

No more waiting on late reply cards to arrive. Use the outbound reminder feature to make automated reminder calls, or send SMS (text) messages to guests who haven’t responded. You can also schedule a reminder to attending guests the night before your event.

Your Guest List and RSVPs — All in One Place

Managing your guest list has never been easier. When you use RSVP Services, all of your RSVPs arrive in one place. Just log in to your RSVP Services account and see your new telephone and online RSVPs in your guest list.

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Powerful, Efficient, and Convenient

Two easy ways to RSVP
Your guests have two convenient ways to RSVP, and you'll regain control over the RSVP process. With RSVP Services, you can cut off new RSVPs after a deadline has been reached or after a maximum number of guests have confirmed their attendance. Try doing that with postal reply cards!
The RSVP Services RSVP Phone System
Your guests can RSVP by phone 24 hours a day. Your guests can be prompted with multiple questions, and the system can accept both audio and keypress responses. Use the system default prompts to take phone reservations, or add or record your own questions with just a few clicks and a phone call.
The RSVP Services RSVP Webpage
Your RSVP website includes a fully-customizable RSVP form to which you can add/remove questions. Add questions for text, multiple choice, and numeric responses. Personalize the look of your website by choosing from a large selection of pre-built themes or use our theme editor to build a webpage that matches your colors or brand. Add up to 10 pages, and include just about any kind of information you want.
RSVP Services Guest List Features
The RSVP Services reservation system includes the tools you need to make guest management the easiest part of your upcoming event. Your online guest list is fully integrated with the RSVP phone and online systems. You can easily merge incoming RSVPs with your existing list and upload or dowload your list in Microsoft Excel®, Open Office®, or CSV format.
RSVP Services Outbound Reminder Calls
The outbound reminder feature gives you flexible options to reach out to your guests with important details and information. Make automated calls, or send SMS (text) messages to check in with unconfirmed guests. You can also schedule a reminder to confirmed guests a few days before your event. Once reminders have been sent, you can view a detailed report to see who answered, who received the message, and who responded as a result of the reminder.
RSVP Services Live Operator Calls
Each RSVP Services account includes 20 calls that you can assign an operator to make to handle a special situation. Say a guest submits an RSVP for an uninvited person — you can request an RSVP Services operator to call them back with just a few clicks.
Each incoming reservation and outbound call/sms will deduct one RSVP from your account (600 included)


There are many reasons you should choose RSVP Services over tradional methods of RSVP. Here are just a few of them:

  • An accurate catering bill — no wasted food!
  • No costly response cards or return postage
  • Make reminder calls to those who don't RSVP on time, or to attending guests a few days before your event. Each reminder call will deduct one RSVP from your account balance.
  • Do you have a guest who decided to invite some extra friends to your event? RSVP Services will make those uncomfortable calls for you at no extra charge.
  • Personalized RSVP web page with directions, gift registries, hotel accommodations, photo albums, a message board, and more
  • Prevent new RSVPs after a deadline or maximum head count has been reached
  • One place to recieve and track your guest reservations
  • You can store as little or as much information about each guest as you desire

Cost and Savings

Now for only
Active for 1 Year.
Includes 600 RSVPs for reservations & outbound Calls.
Run up to 3 events at a time.

When using RSVP Services, you can expect to save up to 80% off the cost of postal reply cards or a live receptionist service. You'll save time, as well, managing your guest list with our powerful tools.

RSVP Services ($99 flat price)
Reply Cards ($1.75 card/envelope/stamp)
Receptionist Service ($2.50 or more per RSVP)


# of RSVPs

RSVP Services for Weddings


Replace your reply cards, return stamps, and return envelopes with RSVP Services — the savings will pay for the service! Just ask your married friends — wedding RSVPs can be a nightmare. RSVP Services has the tools to help you get an accurate head count without the hassle.

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RSVP Services for Seminars and Business Events

Seminars and other Business Events

We know that using a live receptionist service can be very costly, and online registration isn’t a good option for everyone on your list. With RSVP Services, your guests can respond by phone or the web. And with the included option to schedule outbound reminder calls to attending guests, there’s no better solution.

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RSVP Services for Graduation Parties and other Social Celebrations

Graduation Parties, Baby Showers, and more

There’s no event too large or small for RSVP Services. With powerful tracking tools and multiple ways to respond, RSVP Services provides a full guest-tracking solution for any type of event.

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