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Take your business event into the 21st century. Offer electronic RSVP options for quick and eco-friendly results.

With RSVP Services®, your guests may respond online or by telephone (using our toll-free number and your personalized extension) 24 hours a day, at their convenience.

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At no additional cost, RSVP Services® contacts any guest who does not respond. We compile your guest list, which saves you tons of valuable time. Once your invitations have been mailed, your time can be spent on other preparations. Using RSVP Services® will also save you money by not using reply cards and extra postage. The greatest savings will come from the cost of the catering, as you will be provided with an accurate count of who will be in attendance.

Competing services charge as much as $2 per invitation — and some services charge extra to call unconfirmed guests. The average event with 200 guests using RSVP Services® costs $230; that's only $1.15 per invitation. Browse the tabs below to learn more about our services.

Reservation System

Your guests will have two convenient ways to RSVP – by toll-free number, or online.

With the Telephone Reservation System, You Can:
  • access administrative tools that allow you to change, remove, and build your telephone reservation lines, 24/7
  • collect numeric information from your guests using their telephone keypad
  • record audio responses from your callers
  • provide callers with a confirmation number for easy tracking
  • provide menu key-press options for different events
  • Hear a sample by calling 1-888-902-3011 and entering event code 7777 when prompted.
  • And more

Your RSVP Reservation Webpage Offers You Complete Control:
  • Choose from a collection of pre-built templates, or build your own look with the option to change over 100 graphic elements of the page.
  • Add just about anything to your page, from photo galleries and maps to video widgets and hotel searches.
  • Build a dynamic RSVP form to collect the data you need. Decide which questions are required, and which are optional. Ask a question of every guest, or just one per party. Give your respondents check box, radio, and drop-down menu options.
  • Use any of our reservation websites* to collect RSVPs from, and even create a vanity URL for quick, direct access (i.e.,
  • View a sample at
  • And more

Sample RSVP Homepage

For an audio sample,
please dial 1-888-902-3011
and enter extension number 7777
when prompted.

Sample RSVP Homepage

View a Sample RSVP Homepage at
*,, and are all available to use with your account.
How it Works

Your invited guests can respond by telephone or online 24 hours a day. You will have access to our Guest Reservation System, which gives you the tools to easily build your telephone reservation line, build your RSVP webpage, retrieve your reservations, schedule outbound calls to guests, and more.

How to use RSVP Services:
  • When using RSVP Services®, you purchase invitations from the vendor of your choice. Prior to having them printed, set up an account to get your personalized toll-free telephone number, extension number, and web address to be written or have printed on your invitations.
  • Set up your telephone greeting and webpage. Set up your RSVP webpage using our advanced webpage builder. You can personalize it however you want, or choose from a large selection of pre-built templates. Set up your telephone reservation line to record audio responses, key press inputs, and to play back event information.
  • Access your incoming reservations 24/7. Listen to audio responses right from your computer. Use our online event manager to keep all of your guests' information in one place.
  • Use the RSVP Services Guest Communicator to make automated reminder calls to your guests, or have calls made by an RSVP Services representative. We will even call guests who RSVP for more than you invited.

Businesss Telephone and Online RSVP Service

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  • An accurate catering bill—no wasted food!
  • No response cards or costly call center service
  • Schedule automated reminder calls to your guests
  • Personalized web page with posted details, such as directions, hotel accommodations, meal choices, and anything else you choose
  • Easy response options for your guests
  • No long distance phone charges
  • We provide you with tools to easily share and manage your guest list 24/7, right from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Easily share your guest list by e-mail, or download an up-to-date copy any time.
  • Competing telephone RSVP services charge as much as $2 per invitation. And some live services can cost a lot more. RSVP Services® has two simple price options — and you get to use your account for more than one event.
Lets do the Math - Savings for an Event With 200 Invitations
postal mail RSVP
RSVP Services
reply cards/reply envelopes
$300 (200 * $1.50ea)
return postage
$88 (200 @ $.44 ea)
phone/web RSVP
Total Cost
That's a savings of $259!
Now, for one budget-friendly price, you get the same service you have relied on for 15 years, plus an interactive reservation system that includes incomparable benefits:
  • A 1-year RSVP Services account that allows up to 1,000 RSVPs. Use it for as many events as you like!
  • A toll-free, fully customizable telephone reservation line
  • A state-of-the-art RSVP website enhanced with the latest tools for personalization or branding
  • 24-hour access to guest list management and real-time reservation tracking tools
  • Outbound automated calling system to remind guests to RSVP, remind them to attend, or just about anything else!
  • And that’s just the beginning!
Are you in need of more RSVPs? For only $30 more we'll add 400 additional RSVPs to your account.
Order online today

Order RSVP Services® online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you choose to pay now using your credit card, you will have immediate access to the RSVP information to have printed on your invitations, along with complete access to your online guest list control panel.

Have a question? Call us Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time at 800-514-9686. Click the button below for other contact information.


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