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It is with regret that after 25 years, RSVP Services will be closing in early 2021.

We are no longer taking new clients at this time.

We appoligize for any inconvenience. It has been a joy serving the event planning community for 25 years!

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Managing your guest list is easy — from any device

The RSVP Services reservation system includes the tools you need to make guest management the easiest part of your upcoming event. Easily monitor incoming RSVPs, update your RSVP telephone lines, build your RSVP webpage, and so much more.

When you use RSVP Services, you can manage everything in your RSVP Services account from any modern web-enabled device. All of your RSVPs arrive in one place, and you can log in anytime to review new reservations or edit the settings of an event.

Stay up to date with notifications. Receive notifications in your inbox twice a day summarizing the recent RSVPs. Get alerts when visitors make new posts to your RSVP webpage message board.

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