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RSVP Services is a reliable, cost-effective way to collect RSVPs to your next celebration. Learn more below.

Each incoming reservation and outbound call/SMS will deduct one RSVP from your account (600 included)

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Active for 1 Year.
Includes 600 RSVPs for
reservations & outbound calls.
Run up to 3 events at a time.

Benefits and Savings

There are many reasons you should choose RSVP Services over tradional methods of reservation responses. Here are just a few of them:

  • An accurate catering bill—no wasted food!
  • No costly response cards or return postage
  • Make reminder calls to those who don't RSVP on time, or to attending guests a few days before your event
  • Do you have a guest who decided to invite some extra friends to your wedding? RSVP Services will make those uncomfortable calls for you — at no extra charge
  • Personalized RSVP web page with directions, gift registries, hotel accommodations, a message board, and more
  • Prevent new RSVPs after a deadline or maximum head count has been reached
  • One place to recieve and track your guest reservations
  • You can store as little or as much information about each guest as you want

To hear a sample RSVP line, call 1-888-902-3011, ext. 1003
To view a sample RSVP webpage, visit

Mobile Ready - Use RSVP Services on all of your devices.

Managing your guest list is easy — from any device

The RSVP Services reservation system includes the tools you need to make guest management the easiest part of your upcoming event. Easily monitor incoming RSVPs, update your RSVP telephone lines, build your RSVP webpage, and so much more.

When you use RSVP Services, you can manage everything in your RSVP Services account from any modern web-enabled device. All of your RSVPs arrive in one place, and you can log in anytime to review new reservations or edit the settings of an event.

Stay up to date with notifications. Receive notifications in your inbox twice a day summarizing the recent RSVPs. Get alerts when visitors make new posts to your RSVP webpage message board.

Are you ready for a better way?

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